Tweak For the Future

What Does Your Future Look Like?

BinocularsI mean, if you keep on doing what you’re doing right now, what will that future look like? Shoot for the moon and think about life 20, 30 or even 50 years from now. Your lifestyle, habits, and whatever else that defines you today.

What will it all be like when those resting years show up.

Through this past Father’s Day weekend these thoughts kept rushing through my mind. I’m now 60, retirement isn’t anytime soon, and there are some things I need to do in order for the future to be better prepared. Taking some first steps are difficult. They may require a sacrifice in order for the future to be enjoyed. They may require some “sticktuitiveness” every single day for things to work the way I want them to work.

One friend in Louisiana thinks he’s will never retire until he expires doing what he’s enjoying today. Another friend just looks at the future and shrugs the proverbial shoulder and says, “Whatever…”.

Still, another friend of mine told me that I was in the age bracket when it seemed like most were content to settle in for the retiring years. But I have watched others retire and outlive their funds and life takes a huge turn for the worst and they are no longer prepared.

But this isn’t me, nor is it who I want to be. I do not want to settle in, nor do I want to keep living my present life until expiration. I want something different, better, unique – something that will keep my interests alive until the whenever.

From what I can tell, scripture only describes “retirement” in one format – the Levite priests would work in the temple/tabernacle from ages 25-50, and then retire from regular service and work no longer. (Numbers 8:24-25)  There is nothing that says what the remaining of their lives were like, but I’m sure there was a plan. Nor does it reference the remainder of the population. There were no pensions, 401k’s, or any other retirement vehicle like social security.

You just worked until it became someone else’s responsibility to care for you when you were no longer able to produce.

You see, I think this is part of what I’m thinking. We need a plan into the second part of life. When is the best time to plant a tree so that you can enjoy it’s shade today? 20 years ago would be a good thought. It takes that tree a long time to mature to the point where shade can be enjoyed.

This is true about many financial portions of life. Starting with a seed, then plant and nurture it appropriately for decades until you need it to shade you at the right time.

MicroscopeWhat about you? Have you taken a microscope to your life and determined where all the pieces are, and how best they need to be assembled for the future?

There’s no time like the present… Really. Now. Do it.



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