Cats Are Not Your Best Friend

No They Are Not!

Cat After BirdsThey have a mind of their own, you can’t control them, they take what they want, when they want…. They think you exist only to feed them.

And they love birds!

All morning I have watched the momma and poppa birds swoop in to their apartment, and feed the chirping babies. These little ones will soon sit out on their porch, ready to attempt to fly. Between now and then, I must find a way to disengage the cat from watching their domicile.

DiabloOur cat out front, Diablo, hunts through the bushes for the sparrows that live close to the ground.

Now, they are both strays and come and go as they please. We only feed them because we do not like to see any animal suffer. We only give them space on our porches because we do not want to see them fighting off the weather elements. And, we give them a little attention, because, after all, they are potential pets!

This morning I pray neither are successful in what comes natural to them… but I have found a few feathers and pieces and parts to indicate something tragic has happened.

Anyone want a cat? Diablo can only be touched with a broom and he loves to be stroked with the bristles. You must be brave to want him… The other cat hissed at us for weeks, but kept getting closer until now it’s easy to touch and pet. We think his hiss was really his purr, only he was too wild to know the difference…

Anyway, they are yours for the taking… Come and see…


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