The Social Experiment?

WWe are no longer happy…

Social ExperimentWith simply talking across the backyard fence! We want to extend our conversation around the world. At least, that seems to be the gist behind much of the social experience that exists on the internet.

I’ve dallied with various forms of this experience and find there are some aspects of it I enjoy. It cannot be said there is an equal and opposite reaction to my enjoyment, but I have found aspects of this experience that leaves me with nothing to enjoy and serves only to elicit negative feelings.

Enjoy? I love connecting with people. Their postings that draw me into a conversation is a wonderful experience. I love to see what people are interested in, that is, until they start a rampage down a path of negativity or selling. I love to see their connections with others and look for strange ways we are all interconnected.

Example: I found a friend who is friend with a friend in states separated by hundreds of miles. I messaged each of them to find out their connection to each other. This gave me a fresh insight, again, on how small this world truly is.

Along these lines I am thrilled when I find that someone in a far off place has read my blog, or retweeted a comment. This shows the power of social media! There are readers in countries that I have had to look up with a Google search in order to know what continent they are on!

Dislike? This is where it gets tricky. It almost seems like there is more to dislike about the social experience than there is to like. For example, there are some friends that I found out the dark secret side of their life that turns me off – they were into bashing one another instead of lifting one another up. I left that social group behind and blocked them from ever adding me again!

I am bothered by the personality of a person who posts seemingly hurtful things and would probably never dream of saying what they post in a face to face conversation – or, if they are like this in person then they fell off my radar a long time ago!

If you start a business and all you do is post your business, then you get hidden from my daily consumption. (If you start a business then I suggest you start a separate social identity for that business and keep the two worlds separate.) If all you do is post posters, and quips, and the same ol’ style of sappy stuff… You too get hidden.

It’s almost like no one sees the power of this social world. You can quickly become “persona non grata” if you become a pest with your requests to support you in games, or “you just gotta see this…it made me laugh so hard…”

To my family, friends, and close associates, I like to post things that are meaningful to just them. Hence, I create lists and post certain things to just certain people. While it is true that I post a lot for the entire world to see, I do try to control what I post to show only the things that someone generically might find interesting.

Can this social experience be salvaged? Perhaps. But the next best thing on the block is always showing up and changing the parameters.

This is perhaps the power of the internet. Something new is always coming along. The more we identify with social media the more information of our identity gets patterned after some developers perspective of sharing. Eventually, you have laid your identity bare to the world… And the real you is still staring at the screen with hand poised on the keyboard just waiting for something else to say.

Unlike talking to a “stranger” on the internet (watch out for scams, spams and other assorted ways of stealing from you!), there is something about talking to people face to face. Several conversations over the past week have shown me, all over again, the power of simply talking to the stranger sitting next to you. If they are open to a chat, compare your experience with them and learn something from a face-to-face social experience that will change your world!

Thinking about you and hoping for your favorable enhancement to this social experience!


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