Remote Operation

We often think about living Remote…

SOSCut off from society. Away from conveniences. No distractions. A long… way… from… Every Thing….

It has felt somewhat like this during the week I’m spending with my sister in her home town of Dutch Harbor, Alaska….

My cell phone does not connect to the local provider. At all… There is no local WIFI signal that is shared by this far off community. There is no Starbucks or McDonald’s, both who are known to me to provide access to the internet. Nor have I found any easy way to log on to other networks without paying a great sum of money. The local library gives free WIFI, but the competition for band width is huge by all the folks who do not have access.

So, I’ve lived these past few days reconnecting with a non-technical world.

At the same time I’m reading a story about the future where the tech world has crashed and there is nothing technical that works. No lights. No power. No phone. No cell. Nothing.

Whoa… I’m not sure I want to return to the idyllic past!

Just as those from 50 years ago would be confused with life today, I find myself struggling with doing things in an older fashion… Where’s my pen? I need paper. Quick!

So… If you do not hear from me for a few days… Or, if you call and I don’t respond… Or, if you just don’t care… Well, it’s up to you to respond how ever you choose!


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