Are We There Yet?

The voice of little ones speaking from the back seat…

1964 Ford CustomOut of my memories, of course. The voice I hear is my own voice in the back seat of that 1964 Ford Custom! Long drives to the grandparents, or vacation, often voiced the boring existence of the back seat. We argued for who got to sit by the door, or in the middle on the hump. When it came time to nap we argued about who got to sleep on the back deck.

As we got older, it became a race to see who could sit in the front seat next to the driver. At least then we could participate in shifting the “three on the tree”. Of course, the A/C was nearer and it was so much cooler in the front!

Now that I’ve been a licensed driver for nearly 50 years, and an estimated 1.5 million miles under the belt, I no longer think about the answer to the question, “Are we there yet?” Rather, “When do we get to go again?”

From the beginning migrations of humanity across the planet, some found places for roots to grow down into the soil and buildings to raise above the land. Immigration continued at various times when there more people than the land would support, or some tragedy moved people on. Migrations continued to spread further afield until such time that every part of the dry earth has had an occupant. But that is not good enough.

Where did we originally come from? Some think that all of humanity expanded out of Africa, and others think there are possibilities from other arenas. Where will we eventually go? I look to the stars, wistfully.

Regardless of where from or where to, my “wanderlust” continues to look outward, and my list is long of places I am anxious to see. Other than a future time of heaven, I do not see myself slowing down from wanting to visit other places.

How about you? Are you there yet? Where will your final roots be?