Capturing the Fleeting Thought

It seems to happen with regularity…

Poof No More…And I remember it happening decades ago. Asleep, awake, day dreaming, hard at work, carefree or even loaded with cares…

That thought that pops into your mind and solves a lot of issues, or gives you great insight into some situation.

And before you know it. Poof. It’s gone. Maybe not instantaneously, but surely you telling yourself to remember the thought will produce it at a later date. Right? Wrong!

The problem with capturing fleeting thoughts is that it happens at that moment when you are ill prepared to speak it out, or write it down. Driving down the road is not a good time to grab for pen and paper, nor is it a good time to be technologically distracted. There are laws against driving distractedly!

This happened to me yesterday. Driving to an appointment, something was said on the radio news that made me hyperspace jump to a new thought with something valuable to mull over. I remember thinking, “Wow… I need to do something with this!”

In 30 seconds the thought disappeared!

No amount of hard thinking could even bring back the thought, nor could I remember what the radio news was discussing at the time.

I am blessed with an active brain. Constantly thinking and perusing the world around me, I unearth deep thoughts that make no sense to anyone else, but are completely at home in my mind. My wife agrees, I am the most unique person she knows!

Even now, I had a thought to write and missed the moment of capturing the thought and it’s gone. Something about brilliant mind, wait… It’s there… Poof! Nope, it’s gone… Shame. You would have enjoyed it. I’m sure of it.

Anyway, I wonder what mechanisms you have in place to capture your fleeting thoughts. Do they work for you? Can you share? Does it happen often?

Or maybe you mind is a wasteland of reality TV… (Maybe that’s a thought I should not capture and share!!)


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