Personal Letters

I woke this morning thinking about writing a letter…

Handwritten letterNot simply a message on the keyboard, but an old fashioned handwritten letter using pen and paper. You know, 20th century style.

Back in the day of early high school I took a typing class on clunky manual typewriters. Not only did we have to learn how to type without looking at the keys, we also had to learn how to type formal letters with greetings, addresses, salutations, and how to count the number of letters and spaces it would take to put a phrase directly in the center of the page.

Life changing styles of communication!

Close up of the Constitution of the United States of America with quil feather pen
Close up of the Constitution of the United States of America with quil feather pen

It’s only been during my adult life that we slowly changed our communication from handwritten to mechanical modes. Now it’s to the point that we talk and the words magically appear on the screen and we do not even have to use the keyboard!

Imagine back in the day when everything was handwritten. Quills, ink bottles, blotters, fragile paper, and no backspace or liquid paper!

Dead Sea Scrolls
First Israel Trip

Imagine the libraries of the past, that ancient world where scrolls, parchments and fragile paper were stored without conditioned rooms. (See List Here) Even the original books of the bible were written on a variety of mediums and they failed to last for a long time, and the Dead Sea Scrolls prove the fragility of old works.

Imagine the Apostle Paul asking for personal delivery of some books and parchment left at another location. This is probably from his last published letter before his death.

Bring the cloak that I left with Carpus at Troas when you come—and the books, especially the parchments.  (2 Timothy 4:13 NKJV)

The books were probably compilations of letters, and the parchments may have been current letters in writing.

Last will and testaments were originally simple letters to their heirs. They often stated their belief system, what they hoped their kids would become, and who ended up with what. They were, in essence, their final goodbyes.

Envelope and Fish Hooks
Envelope and Fish Hooks

I am a collector of things – most of it worthless to anyone else other than myself. Still, there are some things that I enjoy holding onto hoping for some future connection to a stranger. In an old item I picked up at an antique/junk store, I found this old envelope from my birth year, storing some fishing hooks and string. I will go to this address one day and give this to the present day owners of the house that still exists in Seattle.

This evening, I’m going to write some letters. There are some folks I want to write to, sort of ol’ fashioned. If you receive one, let me know! Of course, if I do not have your address then there is no way I can write you… If you want a letter, privately message me your address via my blog messaging, or simply Click Here 


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