The First Step Is The Hardest

This is often the hardest thing to admit…

Pathway to Petra, Jordan
Pathway to Petra, Jordan

Or even the hardest place to go. That first step to something new, or different, can be challenging. If you are a hesitant personality, like me in many categories, then maybe trying something new can be extremely difficult!

This is the first step of 31 days of posting about taking real steps in life for change.

Everything requires a “first step”. Whether it’s accepting the thought and exploring it in your mind, or actually clicking into a new opportunity, or even picking up that fork and trying a new dish.

Over 5 years ago I started writing this blog and have since published nearly 900 posts. The first few were very difficult. All of a sudden, my writing style, voice, and what I have to say are out in the public purview. It’s not just my friends, family or church… It’s complete strangers.

Is your mind full of phrases like “never, no-way, and not going to happen in this lifetime”! On some things, I know this is true about me. Sushi? Never. Mushrooms? Better be hidden. Convert to a Mac? No. I am a Windows guy.

But when it comes to having my written word diced and chopped for hidden meanings, or for folks hating my position an expressing it with ugly words and emotional responses… Well, that’s part of the problem we all deal with in this modern social world. Learning how to allow someone a voice, and working through your feelings about where they stand, and then allowing for difference of opinions between you and everyone else…

Well, that’s a tough place for each of us. Social media allows us to post quicker than we think through the subject. I have found that most times it’s best to “let it perc a while” before I respond. Think through my view and position. Compare it to what has been stated. Then determine if there is a way to have a decent conversation about the differences.

What we do, too many times, is to name our position, pick at other’s place like a sore, and then never allow for healing that happens between the opposite poles. It’s almost like what we see happen at political debates!

That’s what I will spend the next 31 days writing about. Taking the steps of analyzing why something is not for me, but also documenting why something is just up my alley. Part of this will be changes I personally need to make, but also why I am a certain way and what led me to this position.

If this opens up some conversation, then I am impressed that someone is reading and taking a moment to comment. If it does nothing for you, then I am hoping it does something for me.

Hope you join me for these 31 days.


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