Get Brutal With Your Tasks

I confess I do not know anything about growing apples.

Many around me who are more experienced treat the trees differently than I. Carelessly I allow them to do what they do naturally, although others will spray, trim and corral inerrant branches. I will learn soon what to do next, but for the time being I will simply enjoy what I’ve started. Questions are plenty!

  • For example, when do I take the apples from the tree? Do I wait for one to fall naturally and then work on taking off the others?
  • Can I shape the tree so it is easier to mow underneath? Which branches should I remove? Should I keep it groomed a certain way?
  • Do I take some of the burgeoning fruit off so that I can assure the remaining fruit gets more nourishment?
  • What do I do to protect the remaining fruit until harvest?
  • What do I do to protect the tree through the winter so that spring finds it ready to produce?

Like I said, there are many questions.


So. What do I do about this encroacher? Will it create more problems than not? What is it? A worm of some sort? Or is it simply a fungus growth?? Will it harm other branches? Or other fruit? Do I let it stay, or destroy it?

Questions. Decisions. Right choices. Wrong choices. What’s best? What do I do first? Last? Priorities? Necessary, or not?

This is the problem I see with all the tasks that fill up my world. Some are questions that need answers, decisions that need to be made, with right and wrong choices! Some are better than others. Some have higher priorities than others. What can simply wait till another time? Is everything on my list absolutely necessary?

You see? My hundreds of tasks need some brutal handling!

This brings me to my thought this morning. How do we know what to trim away from our lives, and how do we know what to simply leave alone?

Jesus presented a parable about tares growing with the wheat and not separating them until harvest (Matt 13:24-30). These tares came from the enemy who sowed them at night, intermixing the bad seed with the good seed. In his thought you are a victim of your enemies. In earlier verses he warns about sowing seeds where they had no opportunity for success – the wayside where fowls ate them, the stony ground where there was no depth of soil, and thorny ground where their potential good would be choked out.

Some things you have no control over, while other things you can easily control … The key? You need to know the difference! What tasks are important? What are only crowding the scenery? What’s good? What’s bad? What’s necessary? What’s a waste of time to worry over? How do you figure out which tasks stay, and which go away?


We are responsible for our own lives and cannot control others. We must be accountable to what we produce and make sure we are not producing bad product. So, let’s identify what is bad in our lives and our habits and control so that we produce good. What might be bad, or questionable, let’s work hard on removing the weeds! The Scotch Broom in our lives needs to be controlled else its offspring will spread and take control of everything around us.

Let’s make sure our production is profitable!