A Special Day

Today Is A Special Day…

2015-10-26 09.49.43My wife is finally as old as I am for the next 80 days… And we had a beautiful time at dinner with the kids yesterday and we surprised her with some cool gifts! What a great afternoon and evening of joy…

New Rod and Reel, Tackle Box goodies, Dinner Theater Tickets, Gift Cards, Cash, Coffee Beans and a sweet time with the family at a favorite steak house.

Along the way we are planning a fishing trip to try out the new gear and Emma is excited to join us in some time at the lake, pond or stream – wherever we choose to go. She wants to fish with Grandma!

Lake Murvaul TexasMy brother, Vaughn, had some fishing gear from my Granddad and it was a great surprise to give Brenda an “antique” reel and old fishing lures. She used to enjoy fishing with Granddad Simmons so much. Lake Murvaul being a favorite place. I don’t remember how old we were when they moved to their place on the lake, but it was always a favorite place to go. Oiled roads. Williams Creek. Cold water the deeper you go. Spillway. Chappell’s store with frozen candy bars on ice cream sticks, and Kits…

Who knows, a spring fishing trip just might be in order to Murvaul…

Take a moment, if you know who I’m talking about, to ask Brenda about losing her favorite rod and reel on a fly-in fishing trip in Alaska.

Anyway, to my sweet Brenda… Happy Birthday!



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