I have often considered myself inquisitive…

But I never feel threatened when the answers do not match some prior knowledge or preconceived understanding… Often, the question flutters into the background until more facts arrive. Other times, the questions simply disappear and reappear at a more appropriate season. 

I remember reading a quote that there was not much left to create, only to realize that visionary in the 60’s had no vision beyond his fingertips. What?!?! Who said this? No idea… Guess I will research …

Just like the time I could never grasp that WIFI would make sense, or that every home will have multiple personal devices more powerful than the first mainframe of the 50’s! To date, I have programmed in over 37 computer languages….

I could never foresee the day of not working in IT…. But the day arrived of new marketplace, age, and past salary kept me from the job force…. That extra million of income has not happened as I expected it to during my 50’s…. Retirement may be different than I had planned!

Still, with all the tech mobility available I find I want to go to historical places instead of looking at them online. How do I make this happen?

So, when will it all come to pass the way I dream of it? Guess I need to work harder!