I’ve Come To Some Conclusions

Maybe this is a list of lessons learned…

List - 40 Ways To Stay CreativeI found a really neat list of 40 Ways to Stay Creative. You may or may not agree with all of them, but it made me think about listing things I’ve learned from situations and people around me.

This is not a complete list, but it makes me consider how I can improve each number item. In you. And in me.

Have you ever considered where you are on someone else’s list?

Do not try and pin yourself to a certain number below. I am afraid we will find ourselves with too large a list.

  1. Not everyone will read, or be ready to read, the things that I write or find important enough to live before others.
  2. Too many people simply do not care – including me.
  3. Not everyone is the person they purport to be – everyone has a hidden sin, as well as a hidden talent.
  4. Everyone has a weapon they are willing to use at a time of their choosing – be it physical or word.
  5. There are proverbial tasks that will never get done – no matter how hard I try to complete them.
  6. Too many celebrate only the small things of life because they never get to handle the big things in life.
  7. Some people will never call you back, or follow through, or be your friend.
  8. Some people simply tire you out, some lift you up, some fall in between the extremes.
  9. Some people only want something from you and are never willing nor able to give back in return, while others have a huge giving heart never expecting anything in return.
  10. Some people never change. Others change too much. Not all change is an improvement.
  11. While some lead by example (positive and negative examples), some lead like tyrants and bullies and cannot even lead themselves to success.
  12. Some parents should never have had kids. Kids often deserve better than they are given.
  13. We all need real life education to make us productive in this world – money, relationships, accountability, etc. I never liked the school of hard knocks, but I sure gained value from every lesson taught!
  14. You can do better. So can I.
  15. Some promote only what they like, but like only what makes them feel superior.
  16. Too many are whiners… Especially if they continually live like losers.
  17. I see too many walking away from, when they should returning to… Quickly.
  18. Some commit to a higher cause. Too many are influenced only by this world.
  19. Way too many of us are incapable of handling criticism, but we are easily able to dish it out.
  20. We never learn how to accept praise. Really.
  21. Memories are fallible. Reciting memories are often reciting lies.
  22. Some think too highly of themselves and their actions loudly proclaim this fact.
  23. Not every situation grooms us properly for the next big step.
  24. Sometimes we simply make bad choices. Seldom do we make the right choice.
  25. I cannot continually rehash things of the past. I must simply leave them behind and move forward.
  26. Maybe this time is the time I should keep my thoughts to myself…

With each item on this list I see myself from certain angles. So, the truth be told, this list may be more about me than others around me. Hmmm… Must make a list about this!


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