Vacation vs Vaccination 

  Every trip teaches something…

Even if you fail to learn the lesson. We know this about ourselves…

  1. We love to vacation by ourselves – no demands on our time or attention other than what we choose to invest in. Each trip allows us to chose how, and with whom, we want to spend our time.
  2. Flee from the crowds, heat, and busyness of tourist traps, unless that’s how we volunteer our time to spend. And then in a minimalist fashion.
  3. Mobility is liberty. So glad we rented a car!
  4. When you have your best friend with you, well, it gets not better than that!
  5. This is mostly me, but search for those lonely looking roads… There are mysteries to unravel.

Lessons we’ve learned include:

  1. Vacation in the off seasons – fewer crowds, even if that means some venues are shuttered.
  2. Head for the country rather than the city – 2 days in a city are acceptable if you have 14 days in the country.
  3. Go where everyone is a stranger! 
  4. Better to drive than fly, unless you have access to a rental car. 35 hours in a car is better than 4 hours on a plane + the time anquishing through the airport!
  5. It’s hard to relax knowing life is on the other edge of the time off.
  6. This is mostly me, apply your knowledge of history to challenge a good time!

So, though there is much to enjoy here in our nations capital, it is only something to take in small doses! 

Today, we drove to Annapolis and crossed the Bay bridge over the Chesapeake…. Every mile connected to my memories of James Micheners book on the area. Research also pointed out Kunta Kinte, the memorial for Alex Haley… Patuxent River I’ve read so much about… US Naval Academy… Well, that’s enough to keep me busy for a little while…

All of this made me want to flee DC and hug the shoreline in search of that best crab cake! 

One last note… Make sure you have a comfortable car… This Dodge Charger is nice, but not meant for longer than a grocery trip!