Taking it Easy

  In a crowded place, as here in our nations capital, we find it easy to take it easy. The more the crowds, the easier it is to excuse ourselves to stay put…

This is hard for me because I love history, and this place paints our nations framework with such interesting brushes. From bustling places that fill up with students day trips (busy like a theme park!) to quiet places where most simply ignore, DC is replete with variety. Choke points of travel. Potentially the worst names of historical wonder – Foggy Bottom being my favorite with thoughts of swampy mosquito infested bogs that are presently filled up with buildings and people. Scary summer weather of humidity and heat…jam packed with shoulder to shoulder crowds.

This place has history! Most of the surrounding communities were founded somewhere in the 1500’s or 1600’s… Ancient! At least in our record keeping books! They all have stories worth investigation.

James Michener penned “Chespeake” so I just had to drive there. Makes me want to read his book again while overlooking these waters.

With so much to see, this has been a time of deep R&R. Needed, and if truth be known, resting creates as much more opportunity to enjoy the surroundings – only not getting up early and facing a busy schedule. Take our time. Spend a few hours out. Come back to the room and enjoying restful hours preparing for tomorrow. 

Guess this means more trips are required. Cool…!


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