Do You Remember When…

I took a few moments at a favored place of memories…

San Jacinto Monument

The Battleship Texas (here since 1948) and the “San Jacinto Moument” (since 1931) – both found on the banks of The Houston Ship Channel. Each located in this place of honor for different events – one to commemorate the Declaration of Independence from another nation. The other to honor those who fought in several wars.

My earliest memories of these treasures include one of the first memorable experiences of snow, family movies made and even enjoyed in present times, picnics, climbing those big…uh…little steps, elevator to the top of the tower, and pretending to be shooting the guns on the ship…

Battleship Texas

Hours and hours spent here are immensely enjoyed in memories, and only an hour yesterday…

Of course, the ferry crossing was always fun. Seeming to dodge tugs, barges, and cargo vessels. Banks lined with fishermen, crabbers, and lots of shorebirds.

Have you ever gone back in time by memory or present visit? I tried to remember all the good times. We’re there every any bad memories?

I’m not sure all memories are real… Heat, mosquitos, crowds, and other probable disappointments are missing. This made me think about the things we remember, and don’t. I seldom remember the negative, and dwell seriously on the positive. Maybe this is what makes me a unique and friendly personality!

Even God promises to remember our sins no more (Jeremiah 31:34) and if God has this kind of power then perhaps I can control the memory process like He does with those things that are “at odds” with him!

How about you? Good Ol’ Memories? Any bad ones?

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