Who Will Care For You?

These several days with my mother-in-law begs an answer…

Should something happen to you, are there people who will see to your well-being? Any number of options may be available, but without some careful planning the stress will load someone down. That care person may be stressed past their own resources. Who picks up those loose ends?

Who helps the helper?

Generally that’s where family pitches in … But if there are not enough family members to share the load, then what?  The government has some options, but are they the right ones? What will it cost? Who pays? What to do when there’s not enough money?

Who gets to make all these decisions? While it may be true there are forms that give others the power to make decisions, but if money is the issue…. What then?

Each generation faces these same questions. How did they handle this 100 years ago? Perhaps the answers are found in demographics … More single wage earners, families consistently contains multiple generations living under the same roof (think Waltons, Andy Griffith, etc.) As we see our family units shrink, our modern times demand smaller homes, finances are stretched and pinched, everyone works….

Wow. Who is there for the needs of our families?

These questions keep me asking? Who helps, and who helps the helpers?

I remember from younger days a friends dad had a stroke. For over a year it seemed he sat in the living room, unresponsive. Details are fuzzy, but Mother, daughter and son all worked their roles hard, yet he finally passed and I attended his funeral in Liberty, Tx…

I wondered then, and now, were the “T’s” crossed, “I’s” dotted… How did it all end out?

We live in a complex, and expensive, time. Basic needs are barely met with all the resources at our fingertips. Throw in a couple of medical challenges and we end up floundering in the deep end. No safety net.

How do we do it?

I’m still thinking this through…