And Now Family…

The Past 7 Days…

Seven DaysHas been totally geared around family, including some dear friends that are like family. The Good, Bad and, yes, there are some Ugly’s… Regardless, they are each friends and family and I love them all!

Friends you choose, or they choose you. But family is something your are born with, and are eternally stuck to. You can never undo a family connection – that’s a genetic truth. You can minimize the impact of family, but the fly in the ointment is that they are yours forever.

Inlaws… Outlaws… Even ex-laws…

In fact, we all have friends that often feel closer than our blood relatives. With family and friends equally, we lose contact with them through the years. There are times it is simply joyful to get to hang around with those you know.

That’s been the past 7 days have been like winning the jackpot! New family members, old family members. And friends.  Ahhhaaaa!

The days are coming to a close and life ends back into a normal patterns soon. Sunday is our church “No Thanksgiving Leftover” potluck. But before then, we get to pull our little family together for an afternoon of food and fellowship. I’m looking forward to it… I just want it to last for 7 days, and not feel like 7 days in one afternoon! One is “…just right…” and the other one feels like it goes by entirely too fast.

Blessings to all…


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