Tired and Happy

Incredibly, to both…

 If I relied on pictures of this past week to paint my feelings then I am afraid you would be disappointed. They are few, and not sufficient to the task. 

There are some digital representations in my camera’s memory, but they cannot give the full picture. They do no justice to the indelible images on my heart and in my mind. All they can do is show a time and place that I can use as an index to pull from memory the time, place and feeling of completeness, and to relive and retell thus reinforcing my connection.

Relive and retell…

Perhaps this is the reason why I’m tired and happy at the same time. 

This past week was one spent reconnecting to my heritage. The past stories we shared, the time around the table, and the goodbyes and tears at time of departure. 

My church family in Texas was gracious to us last weekend.  Old friends became like new again after 20+ years of absence; new friends surrounded us like they had been known to us for a long time. We reminisced the past and enjoyed the present. 

My in-laws, who is my family without the hyphenation, was enjoyable to be with and it made us yearn for some appropriate down time to enjoy the connection even more. Brothers and sisters are important to sacrifice time and money to make the event happen. 

My biological family is huge with more members than I can shake a stick at! There was no way to connect with everyone, but to those we spent the day with…well, it was totally worth it!

My immediate family, shared time after the holiday… And one grand baby to keep us all enjoying the present of thanksgiving. 

Now,  today, a time of sharing with my church family at home. 

Incredibly tired… Incredibly happy…

The thing I noted sincerely, each group is separate yet aware of the other. There are distinct lines drawn between all the groups and it is up to me to connect the dots so there is enjoyment with all.  The lines intersect at important points, even merge for a little while, but essentially they remain their own identity. 

I’m the one who has to cross the lines. I’m the one who has to connect the dots. I’m responsible for making these memories happen.  

I must be willing to do so as often as possible because this represents a portion of the sum total that I am.

I’m truly thankful and blessed for this past week and each and every person who helped make it a success.  Thank you!