Oh, About 30 Years Ago

  If I could, again, I would enjoy a trip like this! Hard work. Mosquitoes. Threat of bears. Thousands of feet to climb.  Dall Sheep. 

But a great time with a great friend who has been gone for over 20 years, Ron Mougey.

The cabin had sunk into the tundra, the mud floor had not one single square inch free of bear prints!  No running water, just a beaver pond to strain and boil. 

Devil’s Mountain was behind and it topped out around 10,000 ft. Alder thickets galore and was the devil to fight through as we began our climb. 70lb packs. Hot! 

Lots of work! The beautiful vistas. Eagles. Beavers. Sheep. Camaraderie. What a memory!

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