Christmas 2015

For over a dozen years…

We have enjoyed empty-nesting. Kids grown and gone. Living far from family makes it difficult and expensive to travel. Sort of just waiting for things to happen instead of having some place to be, or something to do. 

And just think, out parents have lived through this same experience for over 40 years. 

Gone are the decorations! And our family gatherings can now be when it fits all of our schedules – in fact, we have celebrated Christmas as late as February!

But also gone is the joy of kids begging for early access to their presents! Every once in awhile I wish for those good ol’ days. 

Growing up it seemed there was never the excuse to not be around family.  Often estranged from family until a holiday, vacation or reunion, there was that awkward reconnection time of adapting to changed lives, you know, another grade advanced changes your perspective. 

One of these days we will enjoy a large Christmas family gathering. Just not this year. 

So, we spend our week of vacation alone at home, just waiting until the day after! That’s tomorrow! 

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