It’s The Day After

All the packages unwrapped…

Boxing DayGarbage bins are full, looking for an early pickup.
Family has packed and is headed for home.
The airports are filled. Roads are a thrill.
And sated appetites in deep slumber await.

I hear that college ball games are in full swing,
and the pro football season is near to an end.
Still. Playoffs. Bowls. At home and abroad.
It seems like all we live are sports.

Of course, the post-holiday shopping madhouse
will be in full swing, say, about 5am, give or take.
Stores readying for returns and last minute sales
to make their bottom lines look so un-stale.

I felt sorry for those who were committed to serve
And could not enjoy their Christmas morn.
But, oh, what a pity, to those who must begin
Their workday on the second day of a 3-day-weekend.

Still, all is quiet here at home.
The lovely is baking, and cooking, and more
For Saturday will be our time of family
And we cannot hardly wait to enjoy.

To family and friends who I failed to contact
It’s not that you missed the list
Only that today was a day of vacation
And we were just a tad too busy for… you?

Do not be sad, another holy day is near
Start marking your calendar, it’s only about
364 days till it appears!
Whoa, to far you say, but wait, wait, I cry

A solution is much nearer for you.
You wrack your brain, I smile and say,
It’s only 18 days from now
And you can celebrate my birthday!

To all my family, friends, business associates and those who really care… Okay, you do not have to care at all. But Merry Christmas… Happy New Years… And a Happy Birthday… these are all appropriate!




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