It’s one of those words we don’t see enough of!

SelahSelah. It occurs in the Old Testament 74 times, 99% of the times in the Psalms, and 3 times in Habakkuk. The word is not translated from its Hebrew tongue into English. Selah is not an English word. There are many reasons the English translation keeps this phrase in Hebrew – we probably do not have a comparable English word for the same purpose.

As most of these scriptures are musically driven as a song or poem, Selah may simply mean “pause” as in wait a moment between two portions of the song.

There has been many discussions about it’s usage, but the one that makes the most sense is that the word simply means:

Pause, and Think on It.

Take a moment. What were the words just spoken, or sung. Think about it before you continue on to the next phrase.

Selah. Pause. Think.

When I take a moment and think about my family, I take a huge pause and think about the blessings of my parents, siblings, wife and kids… Of course, I cannot forget about my granddaughter! Huge Blessings!

Think about them… Be thankful for them!

When I take a moment and consider my church family, again it’s a huge pause. I have a great group of people I am surrounded by here, in Alaska, and in Texas… Huge Blessings!

Selah. Pause. Think… Do it for a few minutes! I give you Pause to consider your many blessings!

By the way… My favorite singing group that has no pretentious view of their calling or ability. I love their harmony… Check them out: here!