We often fail miserably …

SchlotskysWhen we try to recommend something we like. Instead of considering your own likes, and dislikes, we think others will totally be up for something new and different.

Where to vacation, where to eat, what to read… You know what you enjoy and what fits your personality, so you often feel the liberty to brag and share your preferences.

Last week, across from the hotel where I was at for a conference, there was a Schlotsky’s sandwich shop.  I have enjoyed them for nearly 40 years.  Houston.  Washington. Tennessee. Travel locations.  If I’m in the mood for a sandwich then this is the only stop for me.

I recommended Schlotsky’s as a destination for the only meal we had to schedule for ourselves. Immediately the reaction was not what I expected.  Someone had tried it and did not like, so others followed his suggestion.  I tagged along. Got a good burger, fries and chocolate shake. Enjoyed some fellowship.

But all the while I was thinking about what I was missing.  And what I settled for.  Miles apart!

Since I love detailed books spanning generations of history, there are favored authors.  James Michener. James Alexander Thom. If you know them then you will know of something new to recommend to me. Something like these novels will make me happy.

So before you recommend something to someone, try to figure out if your favorite is a good sale. What do “they” like? Then choose wisely. Your reputation is on the line!