Routine? Or A Rut?

It’s late Thursday…

Ruts…But on the East Coast it’s right at Midnight. So, I’m sharing as if I’m writing from the other coast.

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind. Along with a planned conference, there have also been a number of sicknesses that have taken some prayerful attention, and multiple changes to my calendar…

And then…

I’ve attracted a bug in my body that has been diagnosed as pneumonia. My lower back hurts when I move, cough, sneeze or even breath deep. Getting up and down from the chair has been painful, not to even consider the stairs! Walking to the end of the drive to get the mail leaves me winded.

It’s amazing what you take for granite… Carved in stone… Never changes. It’s always the same.

The ease of walking my property, or enjoying a drive to the store, or even jogging (gasp! Yes!) up and down my stairs. Now I’m barely creeping around the house, winded and hurting.

My father-in-law worked at Armco Steel for well over 30 years. Maybe 35. He was in security and ended up being the guy in charge of all security officers. During the Korean war he was stationed in France (my dad was in Germany). But through those years of roaming the steel plant, he was exposed enough to asbestos that it got in his lungs and slowly but surely it drowned him those last 10 years or so. His world narrowed. No longer could he come to Alaska, and he sure enjoyed seeing his family in that far off cold country! That last trip required getting his daughter getting some emergency oxygen for him at our house.

It was a few years later and we had just moved to Washington. And just like that. He was gone. My sister-in-law and mother-in-law was there with him in the hospital. My brother and sister-in-law made it to the hospital before he passed (Vaughn had worked at Armco, just like me)…

It often seems like we deal with things when we are least prepared for it!

  • A lady in our church is dealing with the near loss of her FIL (father-in-law). I know it’s tough to be away from that part of the family, just like I know it was tough for her to leave her own father after he suffered through surgery last year. Praying deeply for the family.
  • Another lady in our church just went through the 1 year anniversary of the passing of her husband on Christmas Day and burial on New Years Eve day. Imagine losing your best friend for those many years of dedication to each other.
  • A man in my church just went back to the east coast to bury his dad… Age 99!

Another lady in our church is suffering from a heart ailment, and she faces surgery this Saturday. A dear sweet lady that I pray for right now…

My problem… The first three examples I can do, and have done, something about. Trip to the airport, funeral, prayer and offered support. The last situation, all I can do is pray right now because of my own diagnosis!

My routine is off. No strength. No energy. Pain. I cannot respond like I’m used to doing. And it bothers me.

Changed routine that I’m not in control of bothers me. Breakfast is early, along with good black coffee – but put a doctor’s appointment where I’m supposed to “fast” then it seems I struggle with holding back my routine like controlling a horse with spaghetti noodles! Everything points me to my “routine” and it’s difficult to pull back. Or, back in the day driving to the office of my various IT jobs, where I had a routine trip and knew every turn in advance – but throw an accident into the scene then I focus on moving out of the routine and finding alternate routes … At least I’m moving!

Back to my FIL, for nearly 20 years their family vacationed at the same place… Year after year. Camping at Garner State Park. (Even we went there during younger years!) I’m not sure they ever went anywhere else. They had found something to satisfy their time off itch and enjoyed the routine until the kids all grew up.

ChainsRoutine. And the missing routine. Rut vs No Rut. Right now, life is full of routine. Break one of them from their nice neat thread, and the chain collapses to your feet…And it’s difficult to pick them get them ordered again.

A favorite scripture from a favored time of life, a time I’ll never be able to pick up again…. Maybe I’ll share it again soon.

I have been young, and now am old; Yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken, Nor his descendants begging bread.  (Psalms 37:25 NKJV)