Capturing Your Lost Time

  How do we recover lost time? What are your priorities?

Weekends are being traded for personal time lost in the week. Weekly time is soaked up by jobs, kids and school. How do you recover your lost time?

Time used to be sacred,  just like Sunday used to be a sacred day of time spent with God and your church family. Slowly, Sunday service has been lost.  What was normal day from a few decades ago, is now barely an hour of time once a week. Even our midweek Bible study is replaced with busyness. 

I have taught for years to keep a day set aside for you and your family. We used to claim Friday night as family night… I work hard to keep Saturday free and Sunday is a focus on my church family. So Saturday is free for work around the house, or special time with my bride. With the kids grown and gone, and a grand baby two hours away, Saturday is a special time to connect.

Some struggle with their priorities, and their days leak and run together… 

Growing up, I remember Saturday mornings. Free till about 9am.  Cereal. Tarzan and cartoons. Then house and yard work till lunch… Then free time! I can’t tell you how many times yard work required moving the same flowers and shrubs to multiple places throughout the yard! 

Remember those Wednesday night Bible studies? School and most sporting events stayed away from scheduling this night because most were at church…

How about you? Where and what are your priorities? There are crunch times when our schedules compress about major life events, but the normal schedule of life spent orderly is a necessity skipped in these modern times. 

Have a blessed Weekend… I have family obligations today!