End of the Day…First of the Morning

I have been writing these blogs for a while.

2016-04-10 21.38.32There are over 1,000 blogs in my library of postings. Many of them paint a picture of my personal life, values and viewpoints that identify who I am. What I believe. And how I try to live my life. There is no fiction, only some faulty memory modules that may not be clearly recalled these years later in life.

Others can write hundreds of pages and everything dovetails together. My process requires a lot of editing, even “updating” a post several times even after its been published. When I read, and re-read, my editing eyes catch errors even if I think I’ve caught all of them. Sometimes my fingers fly ¬†down the keyboard faster than my words, and then sometimes my brain rewrites the sentence in my mind and my fingers never get the message.

Still, I enjoy writing. And thinking, researching and sharing! What I write is not for every person, but then I do not write for others. I write for me.

Though a perpetual student I am not through with learning. Whether I pay for a class (or degree), or find information to enlarge my foundation, I’m always enjoying the process of learning. Some things come easy. Others are difficult. Others are hard won victories after hours of application.

At the end of my day if I could record my experiences (some call this journaling), and save it into a composite view of my life, then perhaps I could end up with a bible of information. In the early morning I write based on the way my brain works overnight. Yes… Even when I’m asleep my brain is working. It never seems to stop. As I’ve prayed for a word or thought from God, my first impression in the morning has given me something to write every single day for the past several months.

I am not at a loss for words!

2016-04-10 21.58.31As I have been a proponent for jotting down lists, making notes, and finding a way to keep thoughts fresh in my mind, I know that the longer I physically write the sloppier my writing becomes!

Hence I am a strong proponent of typing the words… My highest speed has been 110 words per minute. I wish I knew how fast my brain worked!

But there is something to be said for taking a slower approach and being willing to write the words down on paper. Imagine those older days when the words were elaborately scripted with homemade ink and paper! Making multiple copies of the books that were widely distributed required meticulously copying from a master copy into a new book.

We now replicate copies with ease! Even digitally we copy and sell books by the gazillions.

In Paul’s last known writing, he pens instructions to Timothy. He will soon be dead by the hands of Nero, but is still hoping for a more positive answer. He still has work to do. Missions to go on. Churches to plant. Souls to witness to. Those last few words to Timothy includes this:

The cloke that I left at Troas with Carpus, when thou comest, bring with thee, and the books, but especially the parchments. (2 Timothy 4:13 KJV)

Bring my cloke. It’s damp in the prison. Bring the books (unknown which he may be describing, and could easily be a scroll). But especially bring the parchments. Those ancient sheepskin documents that are treasured. Imagine what Paul is asking for and what effort it will take to bring everything to him! Imagine what it took to create them! Thousands of years ago!

Maybe what I write will never be treasured like those writings of Paul. But we will never know…especially if I never write!