If Only

We’ve all been guilty of it…

Armchair QuarterbackMore than than we should, I am sure. You know, trying to second guess what someone else is doing, only from the comfort of our armchair. From your vantage point you think you can see the way more clearly for the action required, and you say things like, “Now, I would have done…” or “If I had been there I would have…” or “They should have done….”.

Some folks never move out of their armchair and can rule the world from their vantage point.

From your perspective you think you have all the answers

Yes… Even I have been guilty of thinking I have all the answers!

Most of the time our answers come only after we see the whole picture. But when you are on the line, and the real time call is yours, would you do act like your armchair persona?

Sometimes we judge the entire world based on our armchair analysis. When we are not in the fight, nor playing the game, we better use our analysis to consider the wide range of options that are possible for the day when we get into the game ourselves!

Quit second guessing others. 

Use your vantage point for analysis and do not blame others for their armchair analysis when they find themselves judging you by their analysis!

This is the struggle we all face. We would be a better parent than they, right? Maybe. Maybe not! You’re not in their shoes so quit trying to fill them. When your company is trying to do something that doesn’t seem right to you, pause and take a moment to determine if they even understand what they are doing themselves.  When that driver ahead of you won’t drive aggressive enough, don’t second guess them – they may be driving at the maximum of their effort.

This is the age old problem of centuries of living. It’s not a problem of usurping authority, rather, trying to second guess the situation with a solution of your own making.

If only this people were under my authority! Then I would remove Abimelech. (Judges 9:29 NKJV)

See, even scripture describes this problem!

When you see yourself sitting in that easy chair, tempted to second guess someone else’s situation, take a moment and see if you have anything of true value to add, or something to learn. File it away… That day will come when you may be out of the chair and in the game!