A Nugget From a Wisp of a Thought

We have them everyday, throughout the day..

Chugach - FlattopThose little wispy thoughts that bleed into our consciousness. Sometimes we squash them like a bug. Maybe they are inerrant or unpleasant. Other times we gaze off into space trying to force the thought to materialize into substance like Star Trek’s beam transport system.

When those legitimate thoughts hang on to the window ledge of our mind, we slowly reach to them. Fearful, we are, that they may wisp away like a cloud.

Back in 1981, our first apartment in Anchorage was Checkmate Plaza on Boniface Blvd. 3330 was the street address. Apartment 31 was the location of our home where our daughter first came to live, and where my nearly 3 year old son first began to prove his intelligence. It was a special place. From the dining room table you had a clear view of the Chugach Mountains, Flattop in particular. In the valley between Flattop and the next mountain of the range, the valley was subject to clouds building in the funnel between ocean and more mountains. Quickly they would come into existence, and then with almost the snap of a finger they would dissipate.

Here for a brief moment. And then gone.

For hours we could sit and enjoy the scenery while doing dining table stuff, marveling at the beauty that was Alaska.

Recently, my mind and heart has been reminiscing about those days. The cold. Snow. Ice. Perilous driving adventures. Whales. Ice floes. Denali. Turnagain. Hiland. Eagle River. Kenai. Just a few memories within driving distance. The unbelievable beauty of that state staggers my mind.

But as I recall those places, on the edge of my mind are those wispy thoughts like the clouds in valley. They come. And go. With no easy way of recording their passing, or recalling them in any certain order.

It’s like remembering those yesteryear’s of childhood. They come and go so fast.

Is there a way to capture those memories for later review? Perhaps not. But in my mind I will enjoy their fashion of passing by for review. There are things I do not want to remember. Unfair actions. Impolite situations. Anger and Danger. Mistakes with life. Missed opportunities. But they show up unbidden. Those are the wisps that can disappear and I’m quite okay with that.

I want to be like David as he calls to the Lord and asks that God’s memory be more like mine.

Do not remember the sins of my youth, nor my transgressions; According to Your mercy remember me, For Your goodness’ sake, O LORD. (Psalms 25:7 NKJV)

Remember the good. Forget the bad. And be okay with it!


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