Special Days

What is that earliest special day you remember?

Birthday CakeBirthday? Christmas? Going to that favorite theme park? We all have days that we remember that wrap around our own little world, but what about the people that provide those days for you?

Of course, I’m talking about our parents. Some of our earliest memories revolve around the care provided by these special people. True, I remember my grandparents from afar, aunts, uncles, even cousins, but these day to day parents are the ones that provided the most. In fact, I still have some of the birthday, thank-you and “get well” gifts from these family members, but what I cherish the most are those early memories from my parents.

Today is my mom’s birthday.

Mom and dad have their birthdays in the same month, although dad was born a few years earlier. He’s at the beginning of the month. She’s at the end of the month. And their wedding anniversary is at the end of March, so all their major date memories are close to each other. And Mother’s Day is often a week following mom’s birthday so everything seems to get jumbled together.

She’s 2500 miles away…so it’s not a simple visit. I was able to surprise her on a major birthday some 20 years ago… or so. I pretended I was in Alaska and called her from the hallway of my brothers church in Texas to wish her Happy Birthday… And then I walked in, hugged her, wished her happy birthday and taught the Sunday morning bible class with her in the audience! Special memory…

So today is her special day. It does not take money or gifts to satisfy her…only a simple phone call. If you read this before I get to the call, then don’t tell her I’m calling….

Love you mom…!


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