Pervasive Behavior

I thought I could be exempt from their pervasive behavior.

HackerI was doing all the right things. My computer was updated with the latest and greatest of virus protection. Emails with suspicious links were ignored until I verified with the sender that their intent was to send me the information. I did not go to unknown and weird looking web addresses. Nor did I accept that all emails were legit.

But still, it happens. That tramp known as a virus attacked my computer a few years ago. I am unsure where it came from, but all my prepared defenses were no match for the spread of attack. My security software applied a patch that knocked out future occurrences, but I’m left with the cleanup.

We have been there more times than we wish. The behavior of something we do not like invades our territory. Untold hours of worry and cleanup is spent repairing the breech. However, it will happen again.

I read a story this morning of a 10 year old wunderkind from Finland flaunted a security flaw in Instagram. For his honesty, he was awarded $10,000 for reporting the flaw and proving he could invade any account. (Click Here) [Yes. I put a link to the Huffington Post report and you can click it to read the story. It’s legit!] Last year, Facebook paid out close to $1 million dollars to reward those who uncovered flaws!

This made me think of all the untold hackers, scammers and flimflam people out there who abscond with billions of dollars and countless instances of personal information from just about anybody who has ever done business in the digital world!

From our credit card information being stolen and used minutes later around the world, to those personal emails we get from a good friend that contains a link they wish for us to click on, the pervasive behavior of good for nothing criminals invade every aspect of our lives.

Reported last week, real estate purchasers are being scammed by legitimate looking emails from their title company to wire their closing payments to another office. And everyone but the criminal lose! (Click Here) [Again, this is a legitimate click to KOMO news report by Connie Thompson.]

So. How do I protect myself? Just like all the junk mail that shows up on your doorstep, do not trust anything and be quick to discount everything, even when you verify that it may be legitimate. Be in control of your surroundings! Take charge of your protection! Do not let the enemy tempt you to do something that will destroy your world!

  • If only Eve had taken done this in Eden! (Genesis 3:1-7)
  • If only they knew what the gypsy moth could do, then they would never have accidentally let it into the environment back in 1869… Yes…nearly 150 years ago and we are still fighting it today.

If only… Life is replete with this concept. But the pervasiveness of wrong choices keep spreading throughout our world.

I knew a man in the business world who liked to tell dirty or off-color jokes in conference room settings. Like a little boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar, he would innocently keep talking as if there were nothing wrong with what he said. No one stood up to him. People acted embarrassed, but laughed politely behind their hands. Before long, these few one-liners became full blown stories and people were seemingly enjoying them.

If we do not take immediate action to stop pervasive invasions of anything, then we will pay the consequences of our lack as well as of the behavior we do not want to see. We see this in just about everything around us.

Example: Taxes keep creeping higher, even though government wasteful spending is not being confronted and controlled. A recent tax statement showed I was paying more on voter approved taxes than I was paying by the state assessment of my real property. We keep getting lured to the sacrifice by sad sob stories of crowded classrooms, or road improvements, or… well, you get the picture.

We need to exercise restraint and control. Not just on those things that affect us monetarily, but also those creeping traits that invade our space until we no longer notice they are there (like unwanted pounds, of which I speak personally!).

Eventually, we grow so used to the foul language, immoral acts, and horrid lifestyles that we eventually accept that this is now normal. “It’s okay.”

If it was ever wrong, when did it become right?

It’s like a out right lie, or even a shaded truth, once told enough it becomes reality to teller and hearer alike. Everyone believes the lie.

The Spirit makes it clear that as time goes on, some are going to give up on the faith and chase after demonic illusions put forth by professional liars. These liars have lied so well and for so long that they’ve lost their capacity for truth. (1 Timothy 4:1-2 MSG)

Will things keep invading that we eventually lose the ability to remember the innocence of a prior life?  I think we see that happening right now. You?