Unique, That’s Me

I love unique things…

Eclectic may be a better way of thinking about it. Something that does not fit your personality may be exactly what I enjoy!

My cousin picked up a couple of cars that I often wished I had owned. Time and money never allowed them to become part and parcel of my fleet of history!

AMC PacerAMC Pacer and Mercury Capri. He and I wrecked our cars about the same time. His Capri and my 1971 Dodge Dart Swinger. It was at the ending of our senior year of high school and by this time we were at different schools.

AMC GremlinBut what I really liked with the AMC Gremlin. There was something about it’s hatchback looking rear end that just said it was perfect for me. Alas, I never bought…

Ford CougarAlthough I did come close several times during a portion of life when I bought throwaway cars. They cost a couple of hundred dollars and I used them till they quit and bought another $200 car. Mostly they were bigger cars, but one was a favorite. 1968 Ford Cougar! I bought it from another friend of mine and my failure to maintain cause the engine to seize… Valuable lesson learned!

Ford F100 1953After returning from Alaska, I picked up a 1953 Ford Pickup. It was the 50th Anniversary of Ford and it said so on the horn button. It had what was called a Twin I-Beam suspension and when it got out of sync left to right that front end bounced. A good hard breaking sometimes stopped it.

I’ve shared all of this because I’ve learned something about myself over the years. I’m not ashamed to have eclectic and unique tastes. They identify my personality and I care little what others think about what I choose to like!

My collectibles through the years have been just about as eclectic. My pre-teen years saw me collecting cigarette lighters. I had several hundred of them when I finally quit and got rid of all but a couple of unique ones. Coffee mugs – it’s still hard to turn away from one that represents something special. Mom still owns one that I migrate to if I’m at their house and coffee is offered. Ha… When is coffee not offered at their house!

As I age, my collections that I still hang onto are actually memory tools. They keep me enjoying the thoughts of my past. Some items remind me of a place, or a person, while others remind me of a time period.

Go ahead, as long as it’s not illegal and you will not get into trouble, pick something different than the lemming crowd and be a unique you!


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