Half a Dozen Or So…

Who are the influencers in your life?

InfluencersDo you know what I’m talking about? Who are the people that you allow to speak into your life to make you a better “you”?

For me, this is a revolving number and list. It depends on where I am in life and ministry, and what I think is needed for the short- and long- term. In prayer, recommendation and research, God gives me people to listen to that are impactful to my needs.

There are several secular influencers that are helping me with specific direction for my presentation desire, whether it be writing, speaking, or teaching. I have a couple of voices that speak into my life that deal with my finances and future retirement.

And then, there are several I check in with for my ministry. It’s not a hard and fast list, but when I feel directed then I check in with several that know me well.

There are several other really close and good voices that have positive things I need to hear, even when they are negative at times.

To each, I value their input and appreciate their willing voice into my life. The one thing I desire is to take what I know, add to it with increasing knowledge and skills, and then make myself available to others. Whether young or old, there are many folks out there that need the same kind of voice into their life that I need in mine.

On Thursday I allowed two new people to speak into my heart. One spoke on learning how to be a better teacher and presenter. The other was a retired minister who spoke to some area pastors about ministering to their families. Each provided deep and valuable input.

  • The minister is someone I could listen to often…
  • The teaching session gives me access to an online training if I chose to invest time and money.

Regardless. They both gave me something of value. Now I must decide how to use this information for the betterment of my life. Each one can address areas of personal, spiritual, family and church needs.

Here’s my thought today. You have not because you ask not. Or when you get to the point of asking and praying about something, then you ask for something that is not for your spiritual needs and end up asking for the wrong things. (James 4:3) When we ask amiss, then it’s like our ears are itching to hear something pleasing, and not necessarily something needed. (2 Timothy 4:3)

I dare say most of the time we want someone telling us what we want to hear instead of what we need to hear.

If this is you, then I caution you from going down that path. Else, someone will tell you exactly what they have determined you “want” to hear and will lead you astray.

Recently, someone I know listened to everyone else about a choice but not one time did they talk to their pastor. For some reason other voices were important and their pastor was not. Their choice was made in a vacuum, away from the spiritual leader in their life.

Just like everything else in life, time will tell how the decision will work out. I have never made a rash decision that worked as successfully as it might have were I to involve the influencers necessary to make the best choice.

How about you? Are there some missing influencers in your life that you need to pause what you are doing and turn to them for some wise influence?


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