End of Day

We all end our days differently…

A quiet moment of reflection is in order…The sun has quietly dipped below the horizon…The cool sweeps in from the deepening darkness… If ever a time for a fire to be in order, now would be that time! Noise makers are silenced. Night sounds are growing.

If you feel blessed there is contentment found. Satisfaction of time well and purposely spent. Those dogged thoughts of questions, losses, missed opportunity are bedded to be picked up another day, another time.

Have you organized your thoughts, tasks and wishes for the morrow? Yes.  My garbage is ready for the street. Refrig cleaned out.  My tractor is ready to be worked. A couple of decisions need to be made before company arrives.

But there is bee in the bonnet. Something needs to be done about some important dangling tasks. I’m capturing them as I write… This is my daily problem. More tasks than time.

This is my ending…of my day… Oh well. So much for a peaceful end.