Memorial Memories

Yesterday was a time of memories.

Brenda at the Korean War MemorialI shared with my bride, “Just think. If we were in Houston at your dads grave there would be a flag.” He is buried at Veteran’s Memorial and passed nearly 13 years ago shortly after we moved to Washington. He and my dad served in the Korean War era. I remember my dad’s uniform when I was a toddler, but I never remember he or my father-in-law talking about their experiences. They were in Europe, and never “in country”. Still, they honored their country by a willingness to serve.

 Sometimes the best of living comes from our wealth of memories.

My brother, Ken, emailed a question to all of us about a memory from childhood. As it was a holiday of downtime, I think I responded quicker than the others and expanded the memory a little. Memories kept hidden are abnormal, especially when it is fun to share!

My mind works deeply through the memories of over 60 years of history. Maybe that’s why I am seldom at a loss to add something to a conversation. Yet, the good thing about a shared memory is how it takes us equally to a long ago time but remembered from each personal perspective.

Jesus say’s, “Remember Lot’s wife.” (Luke 17:32).  This can make you think about the stories heard and read from your youth to present times, and give you pause to consider the reason for the reference. Almost as if asking someone where they were on 9/11. Or 12/7/1941, if you are old enough. Every time you open the memory doors of your mind, like unbidden droves of cattle, your thoughts rampage through that present moment.  And it is easy to get caught up in memories!

If you are not careful you will live on past memories, good and bad, and never make present memories…

To be enjoyed in some future chapter when asked…Remember when _______?