Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. 

It’s often about Planning, Action and then Planning!

It’s not that yesterday was unimportant! You were planning for today. Today is the action of all your yesterday’s for present day success. 

Yesterday was the 100th running of the Indy 500.  Though some years the race was put on hold – 1917-18, 1942-45. Can you guess why?

It takes a great deal of time to plan a major event, but add a milestone…Well, that takes detailed planning!

John Maxwell has the reach of audience to share something we should all understand. 

  • His version is: “Proper preparation prevents poor performance.”
  • My version from a management class 35 years ago: “Prior Proper Planning Prevents Problems.”

During a Y2K project, we always factored in an answer to the question: What if you get hit by a Mack Truck? Most times we take no consideration for this possible failure points, those critical hinges that keep the gate in motion. 

Some dear friends are celebrating their 50th Anniversary with a special trip.  The trip may be incidental, but the Milestine is Monumental!

As you close the door to Yesterday’s planning, remember that your Action day must include additional planning for tomorrow. 

In all this I ask you to consider your years of Planning and Action – can they handle the sudden and unexpected?

David told King Saul:

  • “.. .The LORD that delivered me out of the paw of the lion, and out of the paw of the bear, he will deliver me out of the hand of this Philistine… (1Samuel 17:34-37)

David, even though he was young, was sure all his planning and experience would give him the ability to face the unexpected and unknown.  

This is our power to persevere when it seems others quake in their boots! Tap into your years of Planning and Experience.  They can do you well. Suddenly.