I Want To Hear These Words

Words we love to hear! Words that bring us good feelings! Words that make us puff up our chest in pride…

Someone has blessed us!

Perhaps this is how Peter felt when Jesus commended him for understanding exactly who Jesus was. In Matthew 16:13-20, Jesus has been asking them for news on what others were thinking.

“Whom do men say that I am?”

Many answers, I’m sure, flowed through their minds. Even some were vocalized. John the Baptist. Elias. Jeremias. All answers about those who were gone. Dead. Even sacrificed. In other words – Jesus was one of those men come back from the dead. Back from the dead with power and understanding of words to do and teach things that “no man” could do.

This was an easy out. Many take this kind of exit today – “he was a good man, but no Messiah” OR “there’s no real proof that he even existed” OR “there were many with the same name, who’s to say?”

Then Jesus personalized the question – asking point blank, “Whom do YOU say that I am?”

Well. Who is He? What are your thoughts?

Peter is the only one with an answer that is recorded. I am sure others were drawing a blank, maybe even desperately looking at each other, hoping someone else would blurt out the answer. You know, open the flood gates of conversation, take the plunge, be the first.

Peter utters that fateful statement, “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.”

Even though he is known as impetuous, I am not so sure he was feeling confident that he had the correct answer.

Jesus utters that statement. The words we all want to hear. The words of approval, acceptance, acknowledgement – “Blessed art thou…”.

You know how we feel when we are acknowledged!

  • I was sitting in a room this past week – waiting for acknowledgement, acceptance, approval.
  • I went to work one day – waiting for acknowledgement, acceptance, approval.
  • I came home to my wife – waiting for acknowledgement, acceptance, approval.
  • I called my parents – waiting for acknowledgement, acceptance, approval.
  • I talked to my siblings – waiting for acknowledgement, acceptance, approval.
  • I visit with my kids – waiting for acknowledgement, acceptance, approval.

We often look for acknowledgement, acceptance, approval – and we will find someone or something that will give it to us – when we do not get it in the place we need it the most.

David says, “I will bless the Lord at ALL TIMES…” (Psalm 34:1) and I think we need to be like this in every situation and with every person – even when we know we will not receive like recompense.

Be a giver. Not a taker. Your day will come… Be quick to give words to others.

“Well done thou good and faithful servant…”

This all reminds me of a song we sang for years… Back in the Day…

I Want To Hear You’re Welcome

Verse 1
When my work on earth is done
and I am called to face my record
Lord I want to hear “You’re welcome my child”
I want to feel my hand in Thine
when I shall cross the border line
Blessed Jesus hold my hand the last mile.

Verse 2
Tho I gain the whole wide world
and lose my soul when comes the judgement
I would give it all for just one more day
Another day to kneel and pray
and ask the blessed Lord’s forgiveness
Jesus help me live for you while I may

Verse 3
If to you I have been true
in every thing I have been faithful
Then I know I’ll hear, “You’re welcome my child.”
If I have fought a fight of faith
while here upon my homeward journey
Lord I know You’ll hold my hand the last mile.

I want to hear you welcome me
and with you spend eternity
I want to be among that number that day.
With lamps all trimmed and burning bright
With robes so pure and spotless white
Jesus help me to be faithful I pray