Social Media With Purpose

Social Media, Here to Stay?

Social MediaWho knows. But the thing I note – if we are to utilize it to the best then we must be purposeful in our actions taken with it. I’m not here to tell you what “NOT” to do! You get to make your own choice.

I’m thinking there is a better thing to do with what has been provided.

Positive Messages: Include things that uplift rather than let down. Keep the thought clean. Give me something that shares the hope of the day and not the latest tragedy or struggle. Source your quotes wherever possible. If you cannot, then simply say Anonymous…

Positive Pictures: Images of you are so tiring. We know what you look like. How about pictures of the world around you? Not a ton of them. Just one or two.

Positive Language: Emoji’s, bad language, and all text message slang letters (i.e., BFF, LOL, etc.) are tacky. I quit listening to your message when I have to interpret it.

Positive Direction: When you are sinning, or slumming, then the message you communicate is weirdly inappropriate with all the audiences that might know you. Innocents about everywhere! Keep it clean…

When you find a good source of positive messages, pictures, language and direction, then by all means, Share! If you must share all that other stuff… well, I know what to do with your feed!

“The real danger of social media isn’t that it’s now easier to communicate, it’s that it takes far less courage.” ~

Another thought: If you have something to sell then start a business page… Just a thought. Your personal message gets lost with your business message.

Can you add anything to this? Please leave a comment.