Life Is Brief

Life Comes With Many Issues

NewsboyWhether healthy or ill, rich or poor, accomplished or barely making it, life is often viewed as brief, wispy as a vapor, here today. Gone tomorrow. Reminds me of a scripture!

Come now, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to such and such a city, spend a year there, buy and sell, and make a profit”; whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away. (James 4:13-14 NKJV)

When an honored person or “newsworthy” persona faces tragedy we are glued to the reports spilling out of the wellspring of media blitz. We want to know the latest news. The details. All of them.

In the midst of the clamor, if you were to look hard enough, you will find even more heart wrenching stories of people who never make it to the limelight.

And their stories are just as real. Just as important. But they are shadowed because larger than life stories fill the data stream.

During this past week there have been a number of tragedies. Club shootings, signature signing deaths, vacation horrors, wrecks, murder, suicides… The media is all over it in a way that reminds me of a rushing crowd charging into a sale at a local store. Their reporting of these seemingly endless list of overwhelming deaths leave us gasping for stories of hope and blessings.

The call for control falls on hopeful ears that perhaps we could see an ending of all these helpless events. More laws. Rules. Warning signs. Barriers. We keep legislating and ruling ourselves into long guidelines on how to live.

As I sat before my computer this morning, all the clamoring for attention due to these tragedies left me wishing for a more settled time. Peace. Safety. Far, far away. I can hear a little voice in a cornfield saying;

“Dear God, make me a bird. So I can fly far. Far, far away from here.” – Hanna Hall as Young Jenny Curran in Forrest Gump (1994)

Why do we keep tuning into the tragedies? Are we looking for something that will draw us out of our daily grind and into someone else’s trouble so that our own lives look mundane? It may be an escape mechanism.

This morning I was reminded of a song from the early 80’s… Perhaps you remember Canadian country artist, Anne Murray, crooning this over the radio back in 1983… Yes. Over 30 years ago!

A Little Good News

I rolled out this mornin’ the kids had the mornin’ news show on
Bryant Gumbel was talkin’ ’bout the fighting in Lebanon
Some senator was squawkin’ ’bout the bad economy
It’s gonna get worse you see, we need a change in policy

There’s a local paper rolled up in a rubber band
One more sad story’s one more than I can stand
Just once how I’d like to see the headline say
“Not much to print today, can’t find nothin’ bad to say”, because

Nobody robbed a liquor store on the lower part of town
Nobody OD’ed, nobody burned a single buildin’ down
Nobody fired a shot in anger, nobody had to die in vain
We sure could use a little good news today

I’ll come home this evenin’, I’ll bet that the news will be the same
Somebody takes a hostage, somebody steals a plane
How I wanna hear the anchor man talk about a county fair
And how we cleaned up the air, how everybody learned to care
Whoa, tell me

Nobody was assassinated in the whole Third World today
And in the streets of Ireland, all the children had to do was play
And everybody loves everybody in the good old USA
We sure could use a little good news today

Nobody robbed a liquor store on the lower part of town
Nobody OD’ed, nobody burned a single buildin’ down
Nobody fired a shot in anger, nobody had to die in vain
We sure could use a little good news today

Maybe the burden falls back on our own shoulders. Work hard at finding the good news. Focus on it. Quit turning to the reports of murder, mayhem and tragedy.

Let your voice be heard. C’mon everyone! You can be in control of what you use as input!



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