The Language of Science

Tom Swift was the young scientist of my youth!

ScienceA particularly enjoyable series of books during my grade school years. It seemed they were a collection of mystery, science, experimentation and all around good stories. I never owned any of the books, to my recollection, but I remember them at a friends house and in the library.

Of course, they began to be published back in 1910 and as late as 2007, so we know the author was likely a pseudonym for a host of ghost writers. And, if you were to research this very deeply you would find that the same organization was responsible for the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books. Who? Edward Stratemeyer, the founder of the Stratemeyer Syndicate, a book-packaging firm met the needs of young readers and minds by creating enticing works and selling them around the world!

So. Why is science important? I know I struggled with many of the science classes unless they dealt with hands on activities. Mom got me a dissecting kit during the same years she was enjoying her college classes, and then a better collection of things to dissect for Christmas. I have a memory of a microscope, slides, chemicals, tools, and goodies to put under the knife packed in formaldehyde packages.

Fun. Enjoyable. Smelly. Relegated to a workbench in the garage!

I suspect a couple of enjoyable college course may actually have redirected my career steps, even though I did enjoy a career of building, operating, programming and managing mainframe and PC computers. Most of the education degrees revolved around words like “Computer Science”.

A few years ago the big science news revolved around scientist thinking they had discovered the “God Particle”, I am safe in insisting that even with their remarkable find – we live in a very imperfect world, populated with imperfect people, surrounded by an imperfect knowledge of the universe. Science sets the foundation of knowledge, and then the building of new findings on top of it, generation after generation. The language gets established from those early years, and new words define and redefine.

If I could review my 1,100+ blogs and look for all the science writings and words used, I’m sure I would enjoy building my own book of the various pieces of science that have impacted me. Through the years I’ve been around the various science and industrial industries that shaped my thinking. Some of my favorite writers wrote fiction, but much of what they speculated about were founding blocks of modern day realities. With names like Heinlein, Clark, and Asimov, I learned about things that were accepted long before they showed up in real life!

From portable computers, long before there were “PC’s” in our homes, all the way to communication satellites orbiting the planet, these fiction writers were very schooled in science and possibility. Space ships, orbital mechanics, and how to live in harsh environments, educated and speculative writers laid the foundations for present life.

Just think about Dick Tracy’s watch phone!

My thought sort of revolves around the complicated place we live in that is described by words, ideas and languages that few understand but most accept as normal. Even theological ideas are found in complex ideas and contain their own language of explanation.

All of life is presented to us in images, language and equations we struggle with clear comprehension. Someone who is schooled in the language can confuse the best of us. Maybe the best we can do is to understand the the who, what, where and why, without understanding all the logic.

At some point, there is a measure of FAITH that we all must have that we do not have to understand why things are happening, or even “what” is happening. Simply trust that what IS happening has been going on longer than we can even comprehend.

This is what FAITH is all about. One man painted it as an acronym, “Forsaking All I Trust Him”… Faith in Christ is faith in things we can not see, nor understand. My faith in my next breath does not require me to understand the foundation of life, the inhalation and assimilation of Oxygen, nor how it all works. It really does not require me to believe… It just is how things work!

The author of Hebrews penned it like this, “Now Faith IS…” It is not that I have to understand all the things that faith makes me believe and trust in, Faith simply “is” and I do not have to understand.

We read so little of Faith as a word in the Old Testament. It is only used a couple of times. But one of them was very important and the premise of the language translates it from the Old and into the New Testament.

“Behold the proud, His soul is not upright in him; But the just shall live by his faith.
(Habakkuk 2:4 NKJV) (Romans 1:17, Galatians 3:11, Hebrews 11:38)

The language of what we do, and what we believe in, revolves around Faith. We need to have Faith in the research of old and not going back to reprove it over and over again…unless the results of the what we find in the future proves there is something at fault in our past.

Key point? Let’s have FAITH today! Even if we do not fully understand…