Living on The Rugged Edge

Life on the edge of civilization is Frontier Living!

You win a mention in my next blog if you know where this photo comes from… I’ve posted a hint today…
Living on the edge of civilization has always enticed me. Fleeing from the big cities, looking for the mountains and cold, and yearning for the life that has fewer people around me.

It’s yearning to experience the “Westward ho!” movement of the 1700’s, or to be that intrepid explorer that sailed west from Europe in the 1400’s, not knowing if the end of the world really existed as many feared. I could have just as easily been on the quest for territory as promised by God to Abram when he left his home and traveled west until God said he had arrived!

This is probably why I’ve always enjoyed the novels from James Michener, Louis L’Amour, James Fenimore Cooper and all those science fiction writers that point to the stars! And, I’ve enjoyed those writers that paint the picture of life after civilization ends! (Pat Frank, Nevil Shute, etc.)

A strange thing for a person who pastors, and who enjoys teaching, and loves being around my family, one might say. But there should be in all of us that part of life that is always searching for the rugged edge of civilization. Pushing the boundaries of knowledge as scientist and astronomers are wont to do.

Yes… Wont is a word, not just a contraction of Will Not! 

Webster says it means:
Likely to do something : having a tendency to do something

In my old career of IT, we used to say that we are either on the “bleeding, leading or dull edge” of technology. Bleeding meant you were in the throes of dealing with the brand new stuff just coming out and generally unproven. Leading meant you used the latest and greatest technology as available. Dull simply meant you were the last to the game, buying the stuff as it is marked down in the salvage bin.

Now, before you think I’ve leapt off into the deep end, I do enjoy my creature comforts! That’s probably enough to keep my rugged edged desire from becoming too true! But that still leaves me wishing for uninhabited lands and I find many of my searches solved by reading good books and having a good imagination.

And I will say this is why the travel bug has bitten… I want to see places outside of my comfort zone! When we travel, I want to see how the “locals” live, and that is why I’ve enjoyed Bruce Feiler’s stories and videos, trekking into the lands of the Middle East, exploring the pathway of the bible.

Choose Adam and Eve, or even Noah and his family, or even Abram as he heads to the promised land, and I can imagine beyond the words in the Good Book. What was life outside of their comfort zone? Scripture does not paint a long drawn out narrative of what it must have been like during these times, but my imagination can surmise a lot.

I’m okay with that!

How about you?