Declutter Your Experience

It is Friday afternoon…

Baggage at SacramentoAnd I am writing while listening to a webinar, sending emails to friends, thinking about family, waiting on someone to ring the doorbell, and trying to keep my focus.

Amazingly, maybe, anything gets done completely. We have moved into that realm where we perceive multitasking is necessary, but we struggle with too much on our plate. While it is true I can make coffee while talking on the phone, there are many physical limitations to attempting to complete too many simultaneous tasks.

There was a manager in my past who detested clean desks. His mantra revolved around the idea that cluttered desks showed you were working, and there were plenty of tasks to keep you busy. This did not mean everything was just piled high, like this luggage, rather, everything on a busy desk could be ordered into a place, or stack, and easily reached.

For more than 20 years I have planted and pastored two churches that never had a paid position, while at the same time working hard on other public jobs – IT, Teaching, Mortgages, Startups, Managing. Normally, the church functioned totally by volunteers, but when it came to organizing and operating behind the scenes of leadership, it was a single person attempting to do it all… Namely, me.

This is a highly ineffective way to do things!

The blame for this is, again, me. My personal standards have been high on how I like to see things done and my frustrations are high when others cannot do as good as I think it should be done. This is not normal for me! I used to hire staff who had the potential to be better than me, you know, the best worker around!

Now. Before you think I’m perfect, I’m not. Far from it. In fact, my cluttered office would probably shock you to consider anything gets accomplished! For me, many tasks are pushed through at the last minute. Late at night, early in the morning, dropping other tasks, and getting things done!

Still, this is not how I like to work. All my years of IT proved that work is better done when everyone has an assigned task. All my years of working on Projects shows me that when there is more work than people, then tasks need to be streamlined, or more people need to be added to the project.

Cluttter can truthfully make us useless! This can not be pleasing to God, ourselves, or those close to us.

“Wherefore we labour, that, whether present or absent, we may be accepted of him.” (2Corinthians 5:9)

Additionally, I’ve reached a point in my life where I like to do things differently. Instead of face to face meetings, or phone calls that can take hours to complete, I would much rather handle as much as possible by messages (emails, texts, etc.) and then spend a few minutes the other ways to polish the moment.

This is perhaps due to the fact that I’ve accepted my introverted personality and taken it to heart! I function well within a vacuum of silence with regular excursions into the noisy world.

The one thing I am focusing on is retaking control of my personal space. Decluttering my world and commitment overload allows me to refocus my energies. 

This year I have carved out my morning for prayer, devotion, scriptures, and writing a morning thought. Why? My mornings are important to me. As an early riser my day finds itself on better footing if I focus first instead of simply flying out the door to face the day.

Another way is the unloading of stuff. It’s been a process several years in the making. One writer suggests that if you do not touch something within a 6 month time period…Get rid of it! I’m thinking this through before I discrimantly discard my treasures!

Here’s something I wished we had done at a younger age more effectively. We are reorganizing our financial and personal world for better living into retirement

Our church is reorganizing around some principles from KINEO. This promises to give better control to functioning by processes and systems. I’m excited to get this working!

Often a decluttering experience simply means bringing more order and control into your personal space. Your life is cluttered with little sense of perfection, and we all yearn for a better life! I remember my dad talking about his locker back in his Air Force days. It was loaded with just what was needed, and very structured in its layout

Take some moments and consider today, tomorrow and life 40 years from now. It might be time to start decluttering your experience!




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