Monday Morning

It’s the first day of a work week for most.

Monday CalendarIt’s simply another day for me, and maybe even for you. Most probably. Sunday is my main “go to” day. Church. Saturday I attempt to reserve for my wife and I do what we want, or need, to do to relax. Monday through Friday my wife leaves the house before many even think about getting up, and has a lunch break at 9am… Imagine.

My morning routines are fairly common. Every day of the week! As early as when my wife leaves for work, I am generally awake and preparing for the day ahead. I may spend a couple of hours that include chores, morning devotion and blogging.

“But when Monday comes…”  The one thing I consistently do? On Monday? Analyze Sunday. It’s not a conscious checklist review, but a subconscious accounting of what worked, and what needs improvement. Plug the results into my brain and then try to do better, or different, the next go-around.

I’ve been a part of projects that do a CAR (Critical Analysis Review) of the results and produced reports called Lessons Learned. These were published and available for future projects to consider how to run projects better. 

How do you analyze yesterday? Critically? Meaningfully? Can you name the things you could have done better? Differently? How do you communicate them? What extra steps or motivations were needed to accomplish the desires of the day? How do you record wins and losses? Was something you did a real stinker? Or did you learn a valuable lesson on how to do better next time?

We often feel pressure of the moment to change. Wait! That instant change may only be another bummer. However, if you would address the situation calmly, take your time in analysis, then many other options will arrive.

Here’s a Key… God is not changing everyday to fit what mistakes were made yesterday!

  • Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. (Hebrews 13:8 NKJV)
  • “For I am the LORD, I do not change…” (Malachi 3:6 NKJV)

Perhaps it’s not that we need to change any of our actions, words, or thoughts – rather, we need to line up what we do, and how we approach something, in light of how God would deal with it in the first place.

Again, I show you Paul as an example to each of us on how we should face the world. Paul did something wrong the day before, but he reversed his direction and became the shining example to multitudes.

The things which you learned and received and heard and saw in me, these do, and the God of peace will be with you. (Philippians 4:9 NKJV)

Find someone you can follow as an example on how to do something, or how to be something, and use them as you focus…