Life = A Lot of “I Don’t Know!”

When did you ever think you had life completely figured out?

Sam Gross - Meaning of LifeWas it when you grabbed your diploma as you left your teenage years behind? Or perhaps it started when you added a “-teen” to an age. Maybe, just maybe, you figured it out yesterday and awoke to a completely different comprehension of life today!

Regardless, we seldom figure out the intricacies of life from the macro view, much less the micro view. The best we often accomplish is figuring it out as we go, making the best of the choices we made earlier, and hoping that the next step we take will be okay.

There was a time when I trusted everyone. Then life happened and I had to start choosing who to trust, and with what can I trust them. Now, before you shake your head and wag your finger at me, I know… This is exactly what you are thinking about me. Can I trust you? With what can I extend this trust?

citckijGiven. We are on each side of the coin. Heads. Yes. Tails. No. Go ahead and flip the coin and make sure you have it right with the answer!

I’ve always trusted the parents in our lives to understand what was right, good and necessary in order to direct my choices. But the time came when my choices were not coached by their voices, but their influence remained. And will remain for a long time to come. Just like I hear my grandparents coaching them, I know there is power to the words and choices I make. I wonder if my kids think the same thing? I pray they do!

Still, the time comes when we simply shrug our shoulders and say, “I don’t know!” (IDK in twitter speak…)

How do you handle these answers to life questions? For the most part, I love to research and find the answer! The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing… So, I pose questions to myself when attempting to figure out life as it is presented…and I attempt to hear the voices of influence as they speak to the issue.

Can I clarify the question?
What do I need to do to understand the choices?
How does it apply to my present and future choices?
What is the best possible direction or answer?
What will it cost? Do I have sufficient to cover the price?
Does it make sense?
Is there a downside? An upside?
Can I live with the results?
If I have to make a choice now, is the solution an emotional choice?
Can I sleep on it?
Will I be able to keep my commitment to the solution?

It’s these kinds of questions that I ask, answer, and hope the results reflect the correct choice! I’ve done this a number of times when deciding about careers and jobs, whether to spend money on repairs or replacements, even determining the best way to spend my money and time!

Pro and COnIt begins with a simple accounting “T” on a piece of paper. Label the left side “Pro’s” and the right side “Con’s”… Then be as brutally honest as possible, write the good under the left side, and the “not so good” under the right side. Then, think it through, pray about it, find someone to help me see the problem in a different light, and then the resulting choice is all about what I THINK is the best answer to the situation.

Here’s the rub… Once a decision is met, and the direction becomes our focus, we have to pay for the consequences of our choices. The author of Hebrews says it like this:

Everyone has to die once, then face the consequences. (Hebrews 9:27 MSG)

I just want to make good choices so that the consequences are the best possible one for me, and those that my choices will impact.


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