The ABC’s of the Soul

I started fighting sleep about 2:30 am…

Campbells Alphabet SoupOn Sunday morning, I habitually get up extra early to polish up my message, and complete last minute tasks before church. As I laid down to sleep, as I habitually do, I tell myself what time to get up and that is becoming better than an alarm clock…

But not this morning.

Finally, I roll out of bed a few minutes past 3 am. Grab a bowl of cereal and head for my office upstairs. I was troubled by my Sunday message. What I had planned was not good enough, nor was it deep enough for what I was wrestling with.

God gave me a direction, and I heeded… Only time will tell what the value of the morning will produce. Will someone find the nugget needed to make it through a trial? Will someone realize how far from God they are living and “make like the prodigal” and return home? Or will someone analyze their own status of Godly living and tighten up the bolts to finish their race fully prepared?

Again. Time will tell. My job is not to try and apply each message to everyone, but to cast the seed (as the sower did) and allow it to find root in either rocky, thorny, hard, or good ground. Worship and prayer will help us dig up some of the bad ground and make it better ground to receive the seed of the Word.

Again. Time will tell.

So… ABC’s of the soul? Here’s the gist…

We often feel overwhelmed with the complexity of what it means to be a Christian. Maybe not you, but there are times as a pastor, preacher, teacher, that I feel my vocabulary must be loaded with words and definitions, along with all the admonitions of living Godly, and then add a complete memory of all important scriptures to be used in a moment’s notice.

  • Grace, Faith, Hope, Meekness, Temperate, Pure, Holy, Faithful, etc…
  • Then define each of these…
  • And know their scripture location
  • Then apply it to the moment.

It’s almost like Campbell’s Alphabet soup!

It seems, when all else is stripped away from the Soup, there are 3 things will abide, according to Paul. Do you know what they are?

And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.
(1 Corinthians 13:13 NKJV)

Faith. Hope. Love. These are just 3 elements in the Alphabet Soup, but they are elemental in all other things we believe.

Faith to live right and to see God at the end. Faith teaches me how to live holy and righteous even when I do not feel capable.

Hope let’s me see sunshine in the darkest of nights. When the enemy comes in, like a Flood we will lift up our standard! (Isaiah 59:19)

Love is that sacrificial element that extends itself to others before partaking of it myself.

You need these 3 things to abide in you. Are they there? Can you explain them? Are you living them?


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