Keep Your Focus

It is getting difficult to remember where I connected…

Business CardsIt used to be we would look through a stack of business cards and wonder which ones to keep, and which ones to toss, and which ones to reconnect with. When card scanners came along, then they all went to my digital files and it’s easier to delete something than it is to toss it in the trash. That’s my problem. Not yours!

In my social, business and church world, there are too many pieces to keep up with individually, so I learn how to trim when it seems I’m overwhelmed. You know… Those social media contacts that do not make sense; with businesses that promote their product and seminars incessantly’ and those newsletters that made sense at one time but are the problem themselves…

So, about once per month I take an hour our so and review my contacts, connections, newsletters and various “junk” messages that are pounding my inbox and news feed. In fact, I got this suggestion from one newsletter who noted I had not clicked on anything they sent me during the past month or so and were being polite in cancelling my subscription so as to not be considered abusive to those who are not taking advantage of their material.

Let’s do it!

Those news apps that want to send me headlines and alerts… Cancelled. Those wonderful blogs that send me 2-3 messages per day…Unsubscribed. (That includes my blog as well!) That class I signed up for that made so much sense in the heat of the moment…Withdrawn.

If I do not touch it within a 2 week span, then it is no longer useful. Bookmark the website, keep the login, and stop the notifications! Really. These are daily distractions that show up in your news feed and inbox. Keep it under control!

It’s like an old saying attributed first to this person, and then that one. Regardless, it makes sense.

“Mind the minutes and the hours take care of themselves.” ~Multiple sources

Maybe this is where Ben Franklin came up with his “…penny saved = penny earned…” concept. Care for those seconds and pennies, and you will store up valuable time for the future. Manage those inconsequential things before they become too big and cumbersome.

Solomon said a wise thing and I love how The Message translates it.

Keep your eyes straight ahead; ignore all sideshow distractions. (Proverbs 4:25 MSG)

There is a prize ahead, and Paul tells us to run to receive it (1 Corinthians 9:24), and press to achieve it. (Philippians 3:14). Take charge of these little things and the big things will manage themselves! Remove those distractions while they are few…

How do we prevent this from happening?

It’s not an easy task to say “no” to something that might be exactly what you are looking for. Especially when the sender says you will only find the content in the link sent to you. That’s a red flag. More than likely they are wanting  to sell you something. Resist the temptation!

Webinars are often a place that drags you into a purchase, even kicking, screaming and dragging your heels. When you register, you do it via your contact info (email, etc.) and you are hooked into their world. I’m just about totally to a point where a non-regularly checked email is the one I use to register. This way my main contact world is not impacted.

So… Bottom line.

Maybe a lesson learned is to be watchful over those new connections as you search for things across the various media outlets. That shopping site really wants to flood you with emails, messages, surveys and product reviews. This shows they are successful. RESIST… When you learn how to resist the temptation you will find those various minutes wasted become hours saved and a better way to invest your time.

Think about it… Be brutal about your actions. See if it doesn’t solve your problem of wasteful time and distractions. Let me know…


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