A Long Weekend…

It was, and is, a favorite time to look forward to…

Labor Day 001A three day weekend! All those years of federally mandated holidays that controlled when the bank could close, Memorial and Labor Day holidays were the two that we knew would be three consecutive days when the bank could legally close. Banks have limitations on how many days they can close consecutively. With online banking and smart apps, it’s changing. We seldom ever go into a bank building these days, but if we need to then we need to make sure we keep them open even when all other industries (except first responders, garbage trucks, retail and shipping) get special time. For banks, other holidays were rolling dates, and Thanksgiving only meant you had to come back in on the Friday after before a regular weekend.

God Bless Memorial Day! God Bless Labor Day!

In Alaska, one was the unofficial beginning of summer, and the other ended the summer season. Here in Washington, Labor Day often means that school starts immediately following, although I know some students who began a few days before. In Texas, school has been in progress for several weeks!

Of course, in my role as a pastor a three day weekend often means more people are gone from church enjoying family and vacation. My wife and I seldom miss church, and this often means we are at church with a smaller crowd – but for the most part we have worked as hard as everyone else and a three day weekend is simply something we find another time period to enjoy.

For over 33 years I worked in IT and the nights, weekends and holidays spent at work is a major part of my memory. Family events skipped. Celebrations curtailed. It seemed to go with the job that you were available anytime the computer was updating files, or needing repaired, or a new system needed to be installed.

For over 35 years I’ve been in a role of ministry. Many holidays you expect slimmer crowds at church, but the church must still open the doors and function. It’s what we have come to expect. Church will always operate on a normal schedule regardless of tragedies or holidays.

This weekend is Labor Day. My wife got home Friday and we collapsed about the house. I wondered out loud if we needed to do anything on Saturday. We are both too tired to even plan one day ahead! I do know that Sunday is church and afterwards we will be in Seattle to visit the kids. Monday will be the down day to rebuild energy for the work week to fire back up.

To those that are blessed with family and opportunities to retreat for a few days, my prayers and thoughts are with you. To those that are home… I will see you on Sunday!

Happy Labor Day!


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