The Older I Get

I’ve been blessed with a wonderful span of life…

Me... Barely Young
Me… Barely Young
From the mid-50’s, and now into the middle teens of the next millennium. Wonderful family. Experiences. And many things to think about (past), enjoy (present) and a desire to continue to expand my horizons (future). A friend told me I should be reaching the point when life will start settling down, but there is a restlessness within my mind and heart to keep reaching and striving for more.

Saturday morning, one of my travel partners (an airline, I think) sent me a survey to consider taking. They gave me some extra mileage credits for giving my opinion about a travel option to the South Pole… Yes. It’s on my bucket list and if I were a wealthy person then I would sign up today!

I enjoy travel videos and documentaries that tell me about other lands and the people that inhabit them. When I travel, I do not want to attend all the tourist locations, rather, I want to see how the present day people live. I wander their grocery and hardware stores, shopping markets, and anything that reveals how they live.

There are many places I want to visit. Many of them are a result of books I’ve read, grand sweeping novels and histories of the continents of the world. Norway beckons, and has for several decades. Parts of Russia, Austria and Spain. Argentina. New Zealand. Greenland! All favorite future destinations. I hope. One of these days I’ll cast my eyes to Asia… Great Wall, Ganges, Japan… Long list.

I have loved my trips to Israel, Jordan, London, Scotland, Germany, and Iceland. Growing up, Mexico and Canada just seemed natural cousins since we are surrounded by them, and I’ve enjoyed the North better than the South (I’ve been in every state west of Kentucky, plus NY and NJ…. ) Alaska is my favorite! There are a few states along the eastern seaboard I need to visit, and some provinces east of Saskatchewan!

The one thing I will say, most of my travel desires are out of the tourist timing. I’m not interested in crowds, heat, and typical experiences. Travel when kids are in school, and the weather is just right – cool, windy and rainy!

Vacation this year is spent returning to Texas several times to be with family. Retirement is still several years away, so, before the money gets a little tight I have to make some plans!

Entrance to Petra
Entrance to Petra
When you do make your mark upon the planet, do not let it be said you followed the masses to the tourist traps. Yes… Some of them are simply a “must”, but take time to research the location, learn a few words, and be prepared to be amazed!

Take lots of pictures and let the memories be alive every time you think about them.


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