Statistics, And Counting

It’s early Monday Morning, Labor Day…

Clock Face 001And I woke up for no apparent reason after sleeping 4 hours.
My mind roamed for reason, but nothing was apparent.
I followed some tried and true methods to put my brain to rest.
The more I tried, the more the calorie burn woke me wider.
So, I thought I’d put the time to good use and just sleep later.

Statistics. And a result of a conversation yesterday. Made me pause about the number of words I use on a regular basis. Probably several thousand. There’s no way I can adequately count and average, but if my blog has any sense of scalability, then the word count may even be higher.

Why use one word over another? It’s probably the way the brain works at any given moment. One word, perhaps, shows up more frequently in a recently read article so the brain has it handy. On the other hand, you have another hand. (Ha!) Still reading? Just like Shakespeare made up words on the fly, well, so do I. Mainly when speaking and seldom when writing because that spell checker gets my attention and I will rewrite an entire paragraph to attempt to fix a badly used or spelled word.

I would like a statistical tool that would show the number of “Tags” or Keywords I enter to give my blog posts search ability. At the same time I would like to use the same tool to count all the uses of every word in all my posts for over the past 5+ years.

One of my Bible programs shows me counts by books the number of times a word shows up when I do a search for any particular word or phrase. That simply means it utilizes my questioned word and counts by book the number of times it is used and then provides a summary page.

Statistically. I would also like to know how many of my words contain more than a single syllable, and how many start with every letter of the alphabet, and how many times did I use the word “I”.

Statistically. How many of my words have a variety of meanings that can force the sentence down a wavering path?

Statistics… Just the way my mind work. Only, I have no tool but time spent attempting to come up with the answers…

Just saying. Now. Maybe my mind can rest and sleep will return. Two hours awake. I feel the pillow calling.



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