Breath by Breath

Breath by breath…Moment by Moment

sun-and-moon-002We live in the moment. There’s nothing to be immediately done that will change the moment just passed, and yet there’s a lot we can do to manage the next moment to come.

The results of our present and future mostly comes from good planning and execution! Things done in our past!

Think about it. Our present and future success or failure are prepared as a result from hours, days, weeks, months, and years of our past. Just like morning is a result of the night, and the night a result of the day.

Most of what we think about, however, is that present moment of life!

You may ask, “How did I get here?” or “Where am I going?” The key to the question is more, “What do I do now?” Lack of historical preparation may scar you in the present, but lack of planning may keep you from progressing victoriously into the future.

For a number of unspoken reasons, I’ve had some pretty restless nights. My wife and I are on different work schedules. Try as I might, and staying up extra late to be tired enough, sleep is just a blurred of waking up at the wrong time and after only a few hours of sleep. Recently, after two restless sleeping nights, I affirmed that the night would be different. Conditions were adjusted and time for lights out arrived. But something kept tickling my mind about left over tasks. Then I wondered how important enough they were to go to the office and complete them NOW.

I watched one day end, and the next day begin.
Then, the next think I knew my wife’s alarm clock was starting the day.
I do not remember drifting off!

Here’s the key. We only have the present to handle, the past to relive, and the future to plan for, but the Right Here, Right Now is the MOMENT to deal with.

Something I learned from a management class a long time ago that I shared constantly with others, are the “5 P’s For Success”….

Right Hand Fingers UpPrior Proper Planning Prevents Problem

I would roll my fingers as if playing a series of keys on the piano, and recite this mantra over, and over.

It got to the point where I did not have to say anything! Just Roll The Fingers!

We have all found ourselves to be out of planning, or in a place where the planning was not proper. Still, the viewpoint is correct. Prior. Proper. Planning. Prevents. Problems.

Matthew, Mark and Luke all record various times that Jesus said, “Take no thought…” Other translations update this phrase to a more modern tone, “Do not be anxious…”. The Strong’s Concordance shows me that this phrase comes from a variety of Greek words that essentially deal with anxiety. The instruction is clear.

Do not be anxious in the moment you live!

Take a breath. Breathe! Don’t worry about how you are spending the moment, especially if you’re life has been well planned up to that moment. If planning is lacking, then we must remember we have something operating within us that can get us through.

  • Our amazing brain can react to the moment, and without much training it can give us what is needed for the moment. Think about how your brain works your eye and corresponding muscles to follow the rapid movement of a baseball. Whether hit away, or pitched toward, your brain is helping your entire body respond to the moment. All of your training, and planning, will help your entire being respond appropriately.
  • For those of us with the Holy Spirit, Jesus essentially says that he has given us all we need and the Spirit will guide us into all truth necessary for the moment we are experiencing. (John 16:13)

I believe we can condition ourselves to be responsive in the moment, and not reactionary to the experience. Our emotions, reactions, feelings – are not all things that we learn to control? Okay. Then control them.

It just takes practice living in the moment, and preparing for our response to whatever the moment gives us.