Never Forget

I remember visiting Pearl Harbor

pearl-harborWe motored quietly to the memorial. Through the water you could see bubbles gently floating upward from the sunken warship below. Hundreds of sailors entombed. It was a quiet and somber experience. One I will never forget.

The wall of the memorial had the names of the sailors below…

With a last name as unique as mine, everywhere I go I look to see if there is a Gurley listed. Phone directories. Post office “wanted” walls, obituaries…

As I’ve stated before, I’ve been to most places “Gurley” in the United States and want to visit other places around the world with the same name…

On the U.S.S. Arizona memorial wall…there was a Gurley. (Check out your family name here.)

GURLEY, Jesse Herbert SK3c USN Illinois

A disquieting moment. My uncle was at Pearl, but he was up in the hills when the attack came, and he was not from Illinois. I’ve looked up records for him and know I need to track out the family in Illinois with the same last name as me and mine…

Today was a memory day for the terrorist attack on American Soil. Twin Towers. Pentagon. Pennsylvania. Nearly 3,000 killed and many more suffering from the aftermath with physical and mental health issues. Many bodies never recovered.

I end out this day of memory with a similar thought of many others … I do not want to ever forget the tragedy. Neither do I want to keep reliving it. I know it seems to be a major anniversary at 15 years, but I understand those closely impacted by the tragedy live with it every day.  The media kept playing all the blow by blow, minute by minute, broadcasts, duplicating that tragic Tuesday on a Sunday. The NFL was attempting to memorialize the event while kicking off their new season. Churches across the nation were doing due diligence to honor the sacrifice since it fell on a Sunday.

Every image from the media sources show people dealing with the tragedy who did not survive. Imagine how that feels to the surviving families. We never had this close up view of Pearl Harbor.

There has been a call across the nation to make the day after Super Bowl a national holiday. I would feel it more appropriately to spend that time off remembering this tragedy than celebrating or commiserating a win/loss column.